Ignatio Martin-Baro Fund 2018|Application Guidelines And Requirements

Ignatio Martin-Baro Fund 2018|Application Guidelines And Requirements

Ignatio Martin-Baro Fund 2018

Ignatio Martin-Baro fund 2018 is inviting the general public to submit applications for her 2018 funding initiative. This fund is strictly for those projects that are creating innovative and progressive ways to tackle the mental health consequences of violence and political repression. By using grants and education, the Martin-Baro fund caters to the physiological well-being, social consciousness, active resistance, and progressive social change in communities that are riddled with institutional violence, repression, and social injustice.

Ignatio Martin-Baro Fund 2018

The Goals Of Ignatio Martin-Baro Fund 2018

The purpose of this grant includes:

  • To encourage innovative grassroots projects that explore the power of the community to increase healing within communities and individuals that are trying to recover from experiences of institutional violence, repression, as well as social injustice.
  • To improve and promote education and critical awareness about the psych-social repercussions of institutionalized violence, repression, and social injustice on individuals and communities, while at the same time educating themselves about the community-based responses of grantees in their pursuit to social reparation and a world that is all about equality and fairness to all.
  • To build strong and corporative relationships among the fund, its grantees, and its contributors for mutual education and social change.

Funding Information Regarding The Ignatio Martin-Baro Fund 2018

The grants are usually not more than $7,000 USD.

Criteria For Ignatio Martin-Baro Fund 2018

  • The Ignatio Martin-Baro foundation preferentially supports grassroots, community-based projects which focus on the needs and concerns of the community and the individuals that constitute such a community.
  • The foundation is mainly interested in supporting those groups that are located in regions that were harmed directly or indirectly by U.S policies, as well as the problems that were compounded by such policies.
  • The grant is strictly for those projects that will have a maximum positive impact on the community and individuals.
  • The foundation only accepts proposals in English or Spanish only

How To Apply For Ignatio Martin-Baro Fund 2018

All applicants are to forward their letter of interest to apply@martinbarofund.org. They will send confirmation that your letter has been received via email. They will respond not letter than 31st October 2018, letting you know whether you are to submit a complete grant proposal.  You can also visit www.martinbarofund.org for more information

Application Deadline

1st September 2018