Practical Guide On How To Start A Profitable Breadfruit Production In Nigeria

Practical Guide On How To Start A Profitable Breadfruit Production In Nigeria

Food is an essential part of life. This is the major reason agro-businesses thrive in Nigeria and indeed the world. Nigeria is a country with a growing population and will need food to survive. You know the population of Nigeria is over 170 million people and they will all feed. This is why you can start a profitable breadfruit production in Nigeria.

Statistics show that breadfruit production is very low in the country. This is why it is quite relatively costly to purchase. The nutritional value of breadfruit is quite interesting. It is very rich in protein, vitamins, and fiber.

You can start a profitable breadfruit production in Nigeria because the potentials for money making is quite high. It has nutritional value as mentioned above and its market is quite untapped. More importantly, you are assured of high yields.

On a general note, breadfruit production or farming deals with the planting, management, harvesting, and marketing of different types of breadfruits.

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Breadfruits do well in the tropics. The trees attain between 90-100 feet in height and they produce delicious large fruits.

The breadfruit is a high yielding tree which makes it valuable to farmers. A tree yields up to 600-700 breadfruits. The wood, bark, leaves, and flowers can also be beneficial to humans in the production of medicines, animal feed, and building materials.

This article shall explore the practical guide on how to start a profitable breadfruit production in Nigeria. it shall also look at the various business opportunities available to those who might want to pursue this agro-business.

Business Opportunities In Breadfruit Production

start a profitable breadfruit production

  1. Source Of Food

The very first opportunity that breadfruit production presents to farmers is that it provides food for them. They can process their bread fruits and sell them at a high profit because the market is there. The seeds can be used to make porridge and it is popularly known as “ukwa”.

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The value in nutritional terms of breadfruits is quite high. It is rich in vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, and potassium. This is why diabetic and cardiovascular patients are advised to make breadfruit meals part of their diet.

  1. Wood production

Breadfruit trees can be used for wood production. The trees produce lightweight and termite resistant wood. The wood can be used for roofing, furniture, and even canoe production which make it quite lucrative. It can be processed into pulp and used for paper making and it can be used in firewood and charcoal production.

  1. Herbal Medicines

One of the reasons you should start a profitable breadfruit farming is that it provides an opportunity to produce natural herbal medicines for treating various diseases. The roots, barks, and leaves can all be used to produce medicines for treating diabetes, gout, backache, fever, and asthma.

The roots and leaves are used by those who suffer from skin infections and ailments such as burns, rash, boils, and herpes. More so, it can treat ear infections and eye ache.

  1. Latex

Latex can also be gotten from the bark of a breadfruit tree. It is then chemically manufactured into glue which has a very good commercial value as a caulking agent.

  1. Animal Feed

It is not just the humans that enjoy the benefits of breadfruit, the animals are also beneficiaries. One more reason you should start a profitable breadfruit production in Nigeria.

The leaves provide fodder for animals that eat leaves (herbivorous animals) while the bran and head pulp are turned into animal feed.

How To Start A Profitable Bread Fruit Production In Nigeria

  1. Research breadfruit production

The first thing to do when you want to start a profitable breadfruit production is to find out all you can about the tree. You will need to carry out a good research to find out the uses, how to market them, the species that grows better in each soil and how to care for them. You will also find out how to process them as that will be needed to make the best of the opportunity.

  1. Pick a breadfruit genus

If you do your research very well, then picking the breadfruit genus won’t be a problem as that would have already been chosen for you. The area you want to plant it will determine the genus you would want to plan. On a general note, the Treculia Africana is the most adaptable to Nigeria. It is a perennial plant and it takes 3-5 years to mature.

  1. Pick a planting date

To grow this tree, you would need a lot of water. In fact, for it to germinate, it will need a lot of water too. Therefore, when you want to plant your breadfruit, it has to be between March and July when rain is at a moderate or high level. These months have the temperature of between 21-35 degrees Celsius which is wonderful for the young trees.

  1. Land Selection And Preparation

When you want to start a profitable breadfruit production in Nigeria, you should be aware that there is the need to have the right soil or land for its farming. As earlier stated, it thrives in places where there is high rainfall. Therefore, any place with low rainfall should be avoided.

At the early stages of the tree growth, it requires a forested area but when it becomes more mature, exposure to full sunlight will be needed. It is expected that selected land must have an annual rainfall of between 1,300 to 3,000 mm.

  1. Propagation Method

There are two ways to plant breadfruit trees. The first is through seedlings. They are directly implanted to the tilled soil or through been sown into plant pots. Secondly, you can use root cuttings or root shoots from mature trees.

  1. Maintenance

According to Edom of, the following are ways to maintain a breadfruit farm in Nigeria:

  • Fertilize tree base using 7.10.15 N.P.K measurements (ratio).
  • Irrigate soils when it begins to lose moisture or when the weather condition becomes unfavorable.
  • Boom spray, Bordeaux 1% to check for rotting fruit disease.
  • Weed control should be applied prior to planting and during growth.
  1. Harvest

The rate at which your breadfruit matures and bears fruits depends on the kind of soil, the rainfall level and the level of maintenance. If these conditions are favorable, the tree can grow into maturity in 2-4 years. It can start bearing fruits 3-6 years. You can harvest a week after flowering and harvest are usually carried out using hands or sickle.