How to Start Money Making Bitter Kola Export Business in Nigeria

Starting Bitter Kola Export Business in Nigeria

Bitter kola export business has been a lucrative business in Nigeria for some time now. You too can tap into this potential by learning how to start bitter kola export business in Nigeria. Bitter kola export business is rumored to generate about 100 percent profit ROI even with an investment of few tens of thousands of Nigeria. That may in fact may be a reality.

I believe you already know what bitter kola, alternatively referred to as Garcinia, is. If not, then know this: Bitter Kola is that greenish-white chewable bitter seed which possesses great food and medicinal value. Do not confuse bitter kola seed with kolanut seed. Although both seem to perform similar functions, as per medical usefulness, they are derived from different trees and have different shapes.

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Economic Significance Of Bitter Kola Export Business in Nigeria

Because bitter kola is used in producing pharmaceutical drugs as well as an additive in food processing, it is therefore a commodity of great economic importance.

Additionally, bitter kola is used for the making of body nourishment and food supplement products. That is not all. This precious seed has been found to significantly reduce eye pressure when consumed regularly, 2 or 3 pieces a day.

Still along these lines, bitter kola consumption has been found to also aid in the treatment of ailments like tuberculosis, diarrhea, cough etc. it is noted to provide profound cure for bacterial and other forms of infections.

Surprisingly, this same bitter kola is said to be used in the production of soft drinks popularly referred to as “Minerals” in Nigeria.

How to Start bitter kola export business in Nigeria

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Market Outlook for Bitter Kola Export Business in Nigeria

These huge benefits perhaps, must have driven the high demand of bitter kola in foreign countries such as United States of America, France, India and other Asian, European countries. Even in Nigeria, bitter kola is of immense importance as it serves a wide variety of useful purposes.

The good news however is that bitter kola is abundantly available across entire Nigeria at highly affordable rates. When exchanged at the international market, the seeds according to Otaru of, have a market value of 1kg for $17 USD. But when compared with the local market in Nigeria where the product sells for far much less in local exchange (Naira), wisdom demands that sellers look outside and drift the more towards exportation.

But the good news, still, is that as profitable as this business is, not so many have yet discovered it fully. The market is therefore significantly untapped and if you are ready, there is nothing stopping you but the necessary steps on how to start bitter kola export business in Nigeria.

If you are ready, I am more than ready. So, come along as I take your hand into the bitter kola export business world right here in Nigeria. See steps below

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Step-by-Step Guide on Starting Bitter Kola Export Business in Nigeria

There are basically two ways to move bitter kola seeds from Nigeria for export. You can do that using the courier companies like FedEx, DHL, EMS, UPS or IFEX.

Alternatively, if in large quantities, you can export your bitter kola seeds using haulage and fast-forwarding (freight) companies. The important point here is that the means of movement depends on the quantity of your cargo.

Having known this therefore, see the necessary steps below:

1.   Locate Your Potential Buyers Using Business Portals

The best and fastest means of finding your potential buyers without travelling overseas is through online e-commerce and business portals such as,, etc.

On these business sites, you will find a large crop of potential merchants, producers, suppliers, importers and exporters, as well as other business tycoons from around the world. These come together for the purpose of trade and commerce.

Notwithstanding, you need to be vigilant as you interact with your potential clients. Remember, you are trading on a virtual platform with real people, who may not be so real after all. As such, take safety trading precautions and take time to review each buyer very well before you start bargaining or making business deals with him or her.

2.   Get Potential Buyers on Business Forums

Also, you can advertise and promote your bitter kola business on many other online business forums, aside from online portals. That’s another avenue to connect with more buyers. As they come, sell off your goods at with mouth-watering profit margins and make a lot of money.

In the international market, bitter kola is required in either the fresh or the dried form. But since most buyers prefer the dried form, the seeds must be carefully dried in such a way that the color and taste are not altered. Now, let’s look at the steps involved in the bitter kola export business.

In a nutshell, getting buyers for your bitter kola business is the most basic step in the bitter kola export business. Of course, you know that without buyers, there will be no sales; and without sales, you will not make money.

3.   Get Help from Bitter Kola Business Veterans

One step further, is to connect with veterans in the business, that is those who have been in the business before. By so doing, you would learn the intricacies involved in connecting with potential buyers.

As a rule of thumb, after locating a potential buyer, the usual ritual is to send the would-be client a business proposal. If the result is positive and he/she is willing to do business with you, you can then go ahead to source for your bitter kola seeds and package them, ready for export.

how to locate bitter kola sellers on online forums and business portals

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4. Source for and Buy Bitter Kola Seeds

Because bitter kola is mostly grown in the rural areas, you will need to source for high quality breeds at cheap or affordable rates within these areas. As such, your first task is to locate reliable suppliers or marketers of good quality bitter kola seeds. Veterans in this business would of course come handy here. They know the market better and would no doubt be of immense help here.

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5. If possible Dry the Bitter Kola Seeds, Naturally.

If you do not have the necessary facilities or if you lack the time to dry the seeds by yourself, it is advisable to purchase already dried bitter kola seeds. But what do you do where the only available seeds are all fresh? See a way out below.

Three methods are available for drying bitter kola seeds. They are:

  1. Sun drying
  2. Mechanical drying (involves the use of machines)
  3. Natural drying

sun drying, no doubt is the most common method used by most farmers for drying bitter kola seeds. However, this act is said to affects some of the natural composition of the bitter kola seeds.

As such, most buyers chose not to buy sun dried bitter kola seeds. So, as a bitter kola seeds merchant, you may then turn to the natural drying method of drying bitter kola seeds.

Even the Mechanical Method is not generally recommended. This is because of the chemical contaminants it introduces into the bitter kola seeds during the drying process.

The beauty of the natural drying method of drying bitter kola seeds is that it leaves the color together with the chemical composition of the bitter kola seeds intact.

This method, as you are curious to know, basically involves spreading the bitter kola seeds out on a clean surface in a room void of moisture or sunlight. Within 4-5 days, the bitter kola seeds would have dried and would then be ready for the export market.

6. Ensure High Quality Control

What the above means partly is that your bitter kola seeds must be free of impurities such as leaves, nylon, sand, dirt, stones, dust etc.

This is because the presence of these “strange bodies” would constitute “extra” unnecessary weight in your package. It would also discourage your buyers from patronizing you next time.

To add to that, your bitter kola seeds must be free from all forms of adulteration. They must, for the sake of emphasis, be exported in their natural, raw form.

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7. Package Your Bitter Kola Seeds for Export Properly.

There exists no method or means for packaging or bagging bitter kola. But then, in order to preserve the integrity of your business, you will need to package your bitter kola seeds carefully.

This is to make sure the bitter kola seeds themselves and their quality are protected and preserved. As such, do not use air-tight bags to package your bitter kola seeds. This is because aeration is needed to ensure the seeds are cool. So, use bags with provision of aeration – but without very large holes.

8. Final Step – Export your bitter kola Seeds!

Now that you are done with packaging your bitter kola seeds, it is time to hit the export market. In the case of Nigeria, it is ideal to use the Nigerian Postal Service, NIPOST. This is our local, standard postal/courier service. Alternatively, you can opt for any of the international private courier services such as UPS, FedEX, or DHL.

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