How To Locally Increase The Weight Of A Pig: Nigerian Pig Farmers Guide

How To Locally Increase The Weight Of A Pig: Nigerian Pig Farmers Guide

the weight of a pig

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The weight of a pig and its size are the two main criteria for determining the price for such a pig, therefore your pig weight matters a lot. To increase the eight off a pig, you must feed it the right feed. When your pig is not gaining weight as it should, it is advisable that you should reduce the intake of that pig while adding fat and sugar to its diet.

You can increase the weight of a pig by choosing the right protein and grain intake. Aside from your ability to provide your pig with the right feeds, keeping them healthy and in a comfortable house will also improve and increase weight gain.

The main purpose of this article is to help you like a pig farmer in Nigeria to locally increase the weight of a pig with the local materials within your environment.

 Ways To Locally Increasing The Weight Of A Pig In Nigeria

Your Pig Nutritional Requirement

One way that you can increase the weight of a pig is by feeding the pig with the right feeds. Many pig farmers in Nigeria just give their pigs anything available, simply because the pig can eat it. If you are interested in increasing the weight of a pig in your farm, you have to select the type of food that you give to such a pig.

It is recommended that you give your pigs foods that are low in fiber. Fiber-rich foods are causing your pig to expend more energy to digest them. In order to increase the weight of a pig, you have to substitute the fiber-rich foods with the ones that are high in fat.  It will be very helpful if you add soybean oil meal as a good protein source.

You can always access soybean oil within your environment in Nigeria. Combining the soybean meal and corn will greatly help balance the amino acid level of your pigs. The yellow corn is mostly preferred for this purpose. You can as well boost the consumption of the food by the pig by cracking two raw eggs over your pig’s food.

Fresh, clean water for your pig is not negotiable. It surprises me the way so many pig farmers in Nigeria just feed their pig with just about anything. This includes dirty water; I simply can’t wrap my head around that.

A pig eats virtually everything no doubt, the question you need to ask yourself is; how many of these feeds improve growth and increases the weight of a pig.

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Make The Environment Of Your Pig Very Conducive

It takes more just proper pig feeds to increase the weight of a pig. You need to make sure that your pig pens are properly constructed and very conducive for your pig. The weight of a pig is affected positively or negatively by the nature of its environment.

Poorly constructed pig pens can stress out your pig, hence preventing proper weight gain. A pigs appetite is negatively affected when its environment is not conducive. Once your pig stops eating, there is no miracle that can make it gain any weight.

Low environmental temperatures make your pig want to eat more. You will agree with me that the weight of a pig can be increased once it has a good food consumption rate. It is recommended that you open the doors or windows of your pig pen to allow good air circulation.

You might be wondering what hot or cold environment has got to do with increasing the weight of a pig; well, you should try it and see for yourself.

Make Sure Your Pigs Are Healthy

You cannot increase the weight of a pig if that pig is sick. Monitoring the health condition of your pig is very important. You can make use of a rectal thermometer to check the temperature of your pigs daily. Anything below or above 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit is a call for concern and you should contact a veterinarian immediately.

You should check for signs of illness among your pigs. Such very important signs include painful pig squeals, diarrhea, or loss of appetite. It is very alarming that the majority of a local pig farmer in Nigeria don’t even have the contact of a qualified veterinary doctor.

For the good of your pigs, you really need the services of a good and qualified veterinary doctor that will always treat your pigs. You can’t increase the weight of a pig by just taking care of everything yourself. There is always the time that you will need a professional to handle your pigs in your farm.

If you follow the aforementioned guidelines, you will see that it is very much easy to increase the weight of a pig, locally in Nigeria.


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