How To Increase The Weight Of A Pig: Nigerian Pig Farmers Guide

How To Increase The Weight Of A Pig: Nigerian Pig Farmers Guide

The weight of a pig and its size are the two main criteria for determining the price for such a pig, therefore your pig weight matters a lot. To increase the eight off a pig, you must feed it the right feed. When your pig is not gaining weight as it should, it is advisable that you should reduce the intake of that pig while adding fat and sugar to its diet.

the weight of a pig

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The weight of a pig can also be increased by choosing the right protein and grain intake. Aside from your ability to provide your pig with the right feeds, keeping them healthy and in a comfortable house will also improve and increase weight gain.

3 Ways Of Increasing The Weight Of A Pig In Nigeria

  1. Good pig feeding formula

At the top of the list of ways to increase the weight of a pig is having a good feeding formula for your pig. Below are some of the methods used in feeding your pig properly.

  • Feed your pig with low fiber feed: Pig spends more energy digesting fiber than it would when digesting fiber. When you fed your pig a fiber rich meal, it will reduce the total amount of calories that the pig will absorb and turn into fat. You should avoid feeding your pigs with feeds such as soy hulls, wheat midds, and distiller dried grains.
  • Give your pig high fat content feeds: for you to increase the weight of a pig, you should feed the pig with meals that are rich in fat. Feeds that are rich in fat include yogurt, skim milk, and dairy products. You should add feeds with high sugar content like candy, cupcakes, and donuts because they are known to rapidly increase the weight of a pig.
  • Feed your pig with good protein source: protein rich feeds are also known to increase the weight of a pig. As a pig farmer in Nigeria, you should know the major pig fattening food that will increase the weight of your pigs in the farm. Soybean oil meal is a very good source of protein.

In order to fatten up a pig fast, you need to feed your pig with a mixture of different types of proteins. You should be able to identify the particular protein that is palatable to your pigs and feed them with it continually. A combination of Soybean meal and corn diet will provide your pigs with a balanced amino acid level.

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  • Choose a very good grain for your pig: It is advisable that at least 50% off you pig feed should be made up of yellow corn. The rest of the feed should contain wheat, barley, and sorghum. You should avoid bird-proof sorghum because pigs don’t like that particular species. Red or white sorghum should be considered.
  • Increase the quantity of your pig feed: If you really want to increase the weight of a pig, then you must increase the amount of calories that the pig is consuming. When your pig is under fed, it loses weight. Don’t just increase the pig nutrient intake; you should also increase the quantity o food as well. The weight of a pig will definitely increase as you feed it with adequate nutrient. The adequate nutrient will aid your pig in absorbing calories more efficiently. The presence of vitamin B12 in the diet of your pig helps improve feed intake while also reducing stress levels.
  • Add feed supplements: There are many varieties of fat and protein supplements that will help your pig to add some weight and make more for you. Some of these feed supplements are high in both fat and protein, while others are high in either of the two aforementioned nutrients. You should first decide the amount of weight you want your pig to gain then add the needed fat supplements into the pig’s feed. You should always follow the directives on the package of the supplement so that you will get the maximum result.
  • Find a way to make the pig feed more appealing: you should always find ways to make the feed appeal to the pigs so that they will always want to eat at all times. To be able to increase the weight of a pig, you must feed the pig with fees that they enjoy eating. When you add water your pig’s feed, it will make it softer, hence making it easier for the pig to ingest.
  1. Create A Comfortable Environment For Your Pig

To increase the weight of a pig, you need to work on other aspects aside from the feeding. Creating an environment that makes the pigs comfortable in the farm will help to fatten them up very fast. You must make sure that your pig has enough space.

Creating enough space for the pigs will help reduce the stress on them, thereby making them to gain weight and fatten up extensively.

You must also try to regulate the temperature of the pigs. Under hot environment, pigs tend to eat less but low humidity makes them always want to feed more. You should make sure that the air in the pen is in continuous circulation by opening the doors and windows.

You should also see to it that your pigs are not too cold to eat their food. A good farm environment also helps to increase the weight of a pig.

  1. Make Sure Your Pigs Are Healthy

You must make it a priority to always monitor the health condition of your pig. Healthy pigs are always inclined to eat much, hence bringing about their increase in weight. You can monitor the health of your pigs by using rectal thermometer to check their temperature. The temperature must not exceed 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

Always consult a veterinary doctor when your pig is sick. Never treat you pigs by yourself no matter what.  De-worming your pigs after every 30 days will also help them to remain healthy.

Also check your pigs for physical injuries. All these injuries also hinder your pigs from eating very well and this can prevent your pigs from gaining weight. For the weight of a pig to increase, you must adhere to the above important guidelines. The fattening of pig is very important or every commercial pig farmer in Nigeria.


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